Friday, 29 June 2012

It's here - the real book!

It’s time to blow my own trumpet and inform you all that my wonderful, fantabulous and understatedly brilliant book Pike’s Quest is now available in paperback as well as in Kindle format.

Am I enthusiastic? Yes. Should you buy a copy? Of course you should: don’t hang around.

Oh, you may have to hang around. Currently it’s available via the CreateSpace e-store  - (good if you're in the USA), but by 6 July it will be available from Amazon UK/US/IT/ES/FR/DE/IT.

Now, view the outrageously good - and again, understated – promo video:

Please feel free to spread the news, share the video, embed the video on your own sites, blogs, Facebook pages, etc, and you may consider buying a copy of the book (£6.99 UK, $8.99 US, €7.99) when it’s available through your friendly neighbourhood Amazon outlet!