Monday, 30 January 2012

And the praise just keeps on coming!

This time on

"K.J Bennett is a masterful writer ... Pike's Quest will enchant you, amuse you and, with graphic detail, make you grimace. This is all in good fun ..." Well, I can't argue with that, Vera Jane Cook. Thank you very much!

See the full FIVE STAR review here! (Then consider, perhaps, purchasing said e-book. Just a hint).

Sunday, 29 January 2012

The only downside was finishing the book

Pike's popularity doth grow: the latest 5 Star review on Amazon -

"A journey through wonders that keep the reader enthralled from cover to cover, all served up with a humour-rich narrative that made me laugh out loud at times. The only downside was finishing the book."

The second edition of Pike's Quest is now out on Kindle, complete with a sample chapter from the sequel.

Thanks to all those who have read, reviewed, supported and contacted me re Pike's Quest.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

More Pike praise!

Yet another 5 STAR review has appeared on Amazon

Thank you 'Hightower'

QUOTE: I have thoroughly enjoyed Pike's Quest ... I am sure would be relished by all due to the pace of the action and the descriptive but not ponderous illustration of the scenes, the characters and the action. Some lovely twists,a bit of "magick" and a book that really should be read by many.

I believe I have a couple of Five Star ratings in the iBook store. They show-up in the iBook app on my daughter's iPod, but there is no sign of them if I look on the web page or via my iTunes application on my laptop.

All in all, people seem to approve of Pike's Quest - just as well: I'm writing the sequel.

Now, more sales, please!