Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Learning from one's mistakes

OK, I haven't posted here for a while.

Pike is undergoing a makeover at the moment. My original cover was the subject of some derision, and when I held a printed copy in my hand I had to agree that it could be better. I changed it to the now familiar "Pike nose-to nose with Horse" version and went ahead and published the paperback version.

Sales have been slow. VERY slow.

When my own sister read the book she said words to the effect of:

 "I delayed reading it but when I did I really enjoyed it - that'll teach me to judge a book by its cover!"

- it was time to take action. So I've changed it again. The print version is temporarily unavailable while the changes are made (should be back in a few days) and the Kindle/Smashwords versions are happily downloadable (although the Amazon site hasn't updated at the time of writing this). 

And now, the new cover reveal is here:

I shall not be changing it again any time soon! 

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