Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cover art - Pike's ReQuest

Check out the proposed cover art for the sequel to Pike's Quest -

With any luck, it should be in publication by the winter.

I designed the cover last week to encourage me to write the rest of the book while I'm incapacitated. I've just had an operation to reshape and reconstruct my left Achilles tendon in order rectify a chronic rupture, (misdiagnosed by the NHS for 12 years), and shall be sitting around on my backside for quite some time over the next few weeks. I am also going to be working on the re-write of Rathbone Kydd, a novel I wrote several years ago and which I think has great potential. It is a a thriller, with quantum stuff, and a more 'adult read' (as in, not a family friendly one such as Pike), containing drugs, sexual references and some violence; also, it has lots of comedy and action. If it were to be classified by the film censors, they'd probably rate it as a 15 certificate.

Catch a sneak-peak of the Rathbone Kydd cover art HERE.
"If you like your fantasy funny, or fancy a satisfying pick-me-up of a read, snap up a copy of Pike's Quest" 5* review.  My thanks to ms Sandra Norval for this glowing review