Friday, 25 November 2011

Not my finest moment ...

Have you ever had two copies of something, and used the wrong one? Not only that, have you ever had two copies of something, and edited the wrong one to a smaller size, and then used both wrong versions?

Or is it just me?

Having created a new version of the cover for Pike's Quest last week, I printed it out, realised I had made some ridiculous typos, and edited them out. Then, I saved the newly corrected picture under the same name, but I saved it into a different file. Later, I opened up the image from my 'recent' files list and trimmed it down to use as my Twitter and Facebook profile pictures.

So far, so good, except I was so confident in my capabilities that I didn't double check what I had done, and what I had done, was use the incorrect image. So I uploaded the wrong images to Amazon (, com, and DE & FR, pretty much the world, really), Smashwords, Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook.

Since then I must have seen that image hundreds of times, but did I notice? Heck, no. Did anyone e-mail and call me a dozy git? No. Did my 14-year-old daughter ridicule me when she looked on line and saw it today? Yes, of course she did. And there was me, already feeling like %!@>~!, what with the sore head, throat and all. I had to change it, and here's why -



Needless to say, as ill as I feel, I've had to make some amendments.