Tuesday, 8 November 2011

If you bought a copy ...

... you need to read this.

So, my writing weekend in Wales went very well. Far from being wet I was bathed in glorious sunshine.

When I wasn’t writing I was reading (I would have gone walking, but my Achilles tendon awaits an operation to repair an old rupture, and walking leads to pain ...). My chosen material was Ties that Bind, by Carolyn Arnold, and my very own Pike’s Quest.

Canadian crime writer Carolyn will be guesting on my other  blog – http://kj-bennett.blogspot.com on 9 December, so I thought it would be good to read one of her books. Sadly I am only about a third of the way through (OK, 36% - it’s pretty good so far), as I was distracted by something in Pike: I discovered several formatting errors in the latter section of the book. It’s nothing major, but it may spoil the reading experience.

The errors mainly revolve around the use if italics: where characters communicate with each other by thought, the words were supposed to be in italics. Because I had had to reformat the entire manuscript from scratch to get it into e-book format, I had failed to italicise all of these sections. I think I have now captured them all, and new versions to both Amazon and Smashwords.

I don’t want to let anyone down.

If you bought a copy before 8th November, and you can provide a proof of purchase (we can negotiate what that means if you don’t have you’re original e-mail proof), I will send you a copy of the e-book free of charge to replace the defective one. Please use the address pike at kjbennett.co.uk (in correct format, with @ and no spaces) if you want to take me up on this.

Don't be shy, now.