Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Millions of e-readers sold in 2011

Sales of e-book readers have rocketed in recent months: Amazon allegedly shifted 1 million Kindles per week in the run-up to Christmas. Millions of iPads (over 40 million world-wide) and iPod Touch units have been sold (not to mention the iPhones), each able to use the iBook application. In the UK, WH Smith is selling Kobo devices for under £70.

All you need now is high quality literature to populate your reader, but often, e-books cost as much as a paperback book - a bit of a con, if you ask me. Well you needn't worry: Pike's Quest is still available at 86 pence or 99 cents from Amazon, slightly cheaper from Kobo & WH Smith, and slightly more from iTunes (99 pence in the UK)

What they're saying about Pike's Quest -

Awesome new author! I loved this book! ... a quirky cast of characters that I can just describe as hilarious! ... I seriously blame Mr. Bennett for how tired I am today because I stayed up half the night finishing Pike's Quest!” Reviewer jwitt33   5 STARS

Excellent Read: ... it was a thought provoking page turner with a healthy dose of laugh out loud humour. The author's style bridges the gap between teenage and adult genres in a Harry Potter style.” Reviewer Bun   5 STARS

Escape into another world: I loved this book. At most parts you will feel like you're a bystander to the conversations and scenes that unfold. You're tempted to join and you catch yourself laughing out loud. For anyone who wants a good book to escape into a whole other world AND have a good time, then this book is definitely for you.” Reviwer Andrea Kurian    5 STARS

Couldn’t put it down: What started out as too silly became deliciously silly entertainment that I had to keep on reading. Pike is an excellent hero ...” Reviwer Claire L Hobson  4 STARS


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